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トウカシティTōka City

"Where people mingle with nature."

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Location info
Region: Hoenn
Connecting routes: ←West - Route 104

→East - Route 102

[2]Location of Petalburg City in Hoenn.
Gym info
Name: Petalburg Gym
Leader: Norman
Types: [3]
Badge: Balance Badge[4]
Pokémon Gyms

|} Petalburg City is located in the southwest of Hoenn, west from Oldale Town. The player first meets his secondrival, Wally here. To the north of the city is the Petalburg Woods.

The Gym Leader of Petalburg City is the protagonist's father, Norman, who uses Normal-type Pokémon. The player may only battle Norman after collecting the first four gym badges in Hoenn.


[hide]*1 Anime


In the anime, Norman is the father of May and Max. His family lives in Petalburg City.

Pokémon Appearances[6]EditEdit

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald[7]EditEdit

Pokémon Habitat Rarity
Marill Water Common
Magikarp Fishing (Old Rod, Good Rod) Common
Goldeen Fishing (Old Rod, Good Rod) Uncommon
Corphish Fishing (Super Rod) Common


Item Amount How to get?
Balance Badge 1 Defeat Gym Leader Norman.
Ether 1 Surf the pond in the city.
HM03Surf 1 Obtain from Wally's Dad after defeating Norman.
Max Revive 1 Surf the pond in the city.

TM42 Facade

Rare Candy



Obtain from Norman after defeating him.

Across from the ether

PokéMart Merchandise[9]EditEdit

Here is the list of items sold in the PokéMart in Petalburg City.

Item Price Descriptions
Poké Ball 200 A tool for catching POKéMON.
Potion 300 Restores the HP of a POKéMON by 20 points.
Antidote 100 Heals a poisoned POKéMON.
Parlyz Heal 200 Heals a paralyzed POKéMON.
Awakening 250 Awakens a sleeping POKéMON.
Escape Rope 550 Use to escape instantly from a cave or a dungeon.
Repel 350 Repel keeps away weak wild Pokémon for 100 steps.
X Speed 350 Raises the stat SPEED during one battle.
X Attack 500 Raises the stat ATTACK during one battle.
X Defend 550 Raises the stat DEFENSE during one battle.
Orange Mail 50 A ZIGZAGOON-print MAIL to be held by a POKéMON.
Extra Items for Pokémon Emerald
Item Price Descriptions
Great Ball 600 Easier to catch a Pokémon than Poké Ball.
Super Potion 700 Restores the HP of a POKéMON by 50 points.

Petalburg City Gym[10]EditEdit

[11]Petalburg City GymAdded by Tetrix1993Norman is the 5th Gym leader in Hoenn that usesNormal-type Pokémon. It is recommended to useFighting-type moves to tackle his Pokémon. You can only battle him after you get four badges. The Petalburg Gym is set up as a series of rooms. Each room contains a Trainer who specializes in a way of battling. A sign of each door explains what kind of tactics to expect from the Trainer just beyond.

You need to battle at least three trainers to reachNorman, but it is recommended that you battle all to train your Pokémon. Norman have a team of strong Normal-type Pokémon.


Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire[13]EditEdit

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Slaking 28 Normal -
Vigoroth 30 Normal -
Slaking 31 Normal -

Money: 3100 (all versions)

Pokémon Emerald[14]EditEdit

Pokémon Level Type 1 Type 2
Vigoroth 27 Normal -
Slaking 31 Normal -
Spinda 27 Normal -
Linoone 29 Normal -

After you defeated Norman, you will receive the Balance Badge. This badges increases your Pokémon's Defense and allows you to use HM03 Surf on the field. He also gives you TM42 Facade.


Blocked Route 104[16]EditEdit


You can't access Route 104, unless you visit the Petalburg City Pokémon Gym and help out Wally to catch his own Pokémon. After you have done that, you can then access to Route 104.

(Pokémon Emerald only) Before you walk out to Route 104, you will see a man in glasses walking to you and then talk to you. Then he walks off. He is Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier. If you have completed the game, he will acknowledge you and allow you to participate the Battle Frontier challenge.

Visit the Gym[18]EditEdit


Your father owns the Petalburg Gym and be sure to visit it. Your father will not battle you unless you own four badges. He then offers you a word of encouragement and sends you on your way. So come back to him when you acquired four Gym badges.



Wally is somebody you encounter throughout your adventures in Hoenn. Wally is about to go to Verdanturf Town, but your father thinks he should have a Pokémon to keep him company. Accompany Wally to Route 102 to catch his first Pokémon, Ralts. After catching it, he will thank you and gone off to his destination.

Creating a Profile[22]EditEdit


Visit the Pokémon Center and meet the man next to the computer. This fellow is interested in your exploits and would love to hear all about them. From a collection of available words, assemble a brief profile of yourself and tell it to the man.

Obtain HM03 Surf[24]EditEdit

After you defeat the Gym Leader Norman, visit Wally's Dad to receive HM03 Surf. This move allows your Pokémonto learn how to surf the sea and you can use it to travel the water bodies of Hoenn.

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