Name: Max
Japanese Name: マサト (Masato)
Age: 7 (as of debut)
Hometown: Petalburg City
Class: Student
First Appearance:

"I'm the GYM Leader of this GYM"" - Max There's no Place Like Hoenn

Max is the brother of May in the anime. He has not yet received a Pokémonbecause he is underage, but is part of adventures with Ash, Brock and May. He also pulls Brock`s ear when he is talking to a pretty women (similar style of Barbie dolls), similar to the way Misty did in Kanto and Johto, and the way his Croagunk poison jabs him in Sinnoh.


[2]Max.Added by Toonguy500Max is a genius in the theory of Pokémon training, but was too young to receive a Pokémon when he first appeared.

Both May and Max are the children of Norman, the Gym Leader ofPetalburg City, and his wife Caroline. The two have a very close relationship. They often get upset with each other, but when they are in dangerous situations they try to protect each other, especially May. She sometimes gets angry with Max because he knows a lot about Pokémon and the trainer is being annoyed by not knowing the basics of training or Pokémon. By his knowledge many convinced that it is the son of Petalburg Gym Leader, and he decided to travel with Ash and May to see even more of thePokemon and then start as an excellent coach. When Ash arrives at the gym without May in Petalburg City, met with little Max who was surprised to meet a trainer who he had watched on television only weeks ago, through participation in the Johto League Silver Conference. But he also mocked him for losing in the quarterfinals of the tournament. He also criticized thePokémon May chose, Torchic, saying he would have chosen a Treecko. He has an attitude that makes him look like the tiny smart alack. Max'sPokéNav charges, which belongs to May. In the following episodes, when accompanying Brock, Max makes a habit of pulling Brock's ear when he sees and talks to a pretty girl, as did Misty in early seasons, since Max make Brock suddenly halt his romantic advances. In the movie Jirachi: Wish Maker, Jirachi partnered with Max, becoming his first Pokémon. In the tenth season, Max and his parents watched May compete in the Wallace Cup.


As Max has not became an offical Pokémon Trainer, he does not own any Pokémon.


Pokémon Additional Information



While Max was walking around in a building with Ash, May and Brock, he accidently stepped on Poliwag's tail and it immediately came out. After Max apologized to the Tadpole Pokémon, it was revealed that it belonged to the Pokémon Trainer's School in Hoenn. Later on, Max was given Poliwag as he was choosing a Poké Ball for the training arena. It was narrowly defeated by Tommy's Magby as Team Rocket interrupted the match as they were stealing Poké Balls from the Deposit Room. While Poliwag distracted Team Rocket, Magby's Flamethrower burned the Wurmple mecha Team Rocket was on and they were blasted off.



Ash gave Corphish to Max as Max did not own any Pokémon of his own. It was up against Vivi Winstrate's Marill. Corphish was able to defeat Marill after disobeying Max's commands.



May lent Munchlax to Max to help him in a treasure search where stamps are the objective. But in the end he did not win.


  • Max has also been seen on the animation using his sister's Munchlax to be his orientering partner in theBattle Frontier episodes.
  • Max is always seen holding a PokéBlock Case in his bag or pocket, but May was seen several times getting it from her bag.
  • It has been said that max is too young to get his first pokemon,but numerous trainers in the show are shown to have pokemon and look younger then the age of 10.


Pokémon Additional Information



In the episode "Do I hear a Ralts?", our heroes encounter a Ralts that is really sick, which is a close friend of Max and takes him to the Pokémon Center. At the end of the chapter, Ralts to the woods and saw its family members, Kirliaand Gardevoir. Max promises Ralts that he'll come back when he's aPokemon Trainer



He befriended Jirachi when he saved it.



It tries to evolve in Chapter One, although his three brothers who were born,Mightyena at the same time, could not evolve even though he dared to use instead of Bite attack, but just evolves after a fight with Team Rocket by using this attack.