Ash (Japanese:サトシ Satoshi) has always dreamed of becoming aPokémon Master and as soon as he hit the age of ten, he rushed to[1]Ash's first day with PikachuAdded by Qazqaz555Professor Oak's Laboratory to get his first Pokémon. Originally wanting to choose Squirtle, Ash ended up getting the Pokémon, Pikachu, and left on his journey. At first, Pikachu does not listen to Ash and keeps running away so that Ash had to tie him up. Then after getting chace by a swarm of Spearow, Ash tries to save Pikachu from it, and Pikachu, after seeing Ash so determinded and kind, he protected Ash from the Spearow that were attacking Ash. From then on, Pikachu and Ash became best friends for life. As a completely unskilled trainer, Ash managed to go through, while meeting his friends Misty and Brock and capturing new Pokémon. Then, Ash tries to defeat the gym leader in Kanto, allowing him to enter in the Pokémon League. Since then, he has continued to travel, make new friends such as Tracey, May , Max and Dawn, and capture new Pokémon while still following his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master. Since this goal is so close to his heart, he sometimes acts a bit rash and rushes to the next battle he can as fast as possible. Ash currently travels in Unova Region with his new friends Iris and Cilan.

Season 1: Pokémon: Indigo League[2]Edit

Ash finally starts his Pokémon journey because he is already ten, though he overslept and when he came to the Professor's Lab, there were no more starter Pokémon to choose, but the Professor has one Pokémon left but he says that the Pokémon isn't that friendly and he shows Pikachu. Pikachu dislikes Ash and shocks him with its thundershock, this would be the mark of starting his journey with his Pikachu. Later Pikachu trusts Ash, and Ash also meets some friends along the way and challenging various Gyms also, he started having traveling companions which is Brock and Misty. He was in the Top 16th in the Indigo League Competition.

Season 2: Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands[3]EditEdit

During this time, Ash was sent to Orange Islands by Professor Oak to do an errand, though he found out that there were gyms there so he also challenged the gyms there, also Brock left to be with Professor Ivy, then they also had a new traveling companion named Tracey. Ash also befriends and catches many other Pokémon also. He won and got a trophy in the Orange Islands.

Season 3: Pokémon: Johto Journeys[4]EditEdit

Ash heard that there was a region called Johto and went there to find and catch new Pokémon that wasn't seen in the Kanto region and he battled the Gym Leaders there. He also caught the first three starter Pokémon of the Johto region just like in the Kanto region. Brock joined again and left Professor Ivy for unknown reasons andTracey was left at Professor Oak's Lab.

Season 4: Pokémon: Pokémon Johto League Champions[5]EditEdit

He continues his quest in capturing and battling Gym Leaders and Pokémon. He also went to the Whirl Islands during this time.

Season 5: Pokémon: Master Quest[6]EditEdit

During this season he has finally completed his badges for entering the Johto League. He fought his best and then fought a certain trainer with a Blaziken in the Hoenn region, then he released his Charizard both battled greatly but Ash lost. Then he decided to go to the Hoenn region but sadly both of his traveling companions have to go back and will not be traveling with him to the Hoenn region. He has reached 8th place in the Johto League.ur page here. Remember to include links to other pages on the wiki.

Season 6: Pokémon: Advanced[7]EditEdit

Afterwards he went to the Hoenn region, he met two new friends that became his traveling companions, it was none other than May and Max, also Brock returned stating that he finished with his errands at home. Ash also left all of his Pokémon at home so that he can start a new challenge for himself, but he didn't leave his first Pokémon:Pikachu.

Season 7: Pokémon: Advanced Challenge[8]EditEdit

Ash finally challenged Gym Battles but is held up by May because May decided to be a Pokemon Coordinator. Now both of them are on their way to the challenges up ahead of them.

Season 8: Pokémon: Advanced Battle[9]EditEdit

Now Ash is entering the Hoenn League and now battles with all he has after he obtained all of the badges in the Hoenn region. He meets rivals, Morrison and Tyson. He fought against Tyson in the Hoenn League but lost. He has come to the 8th place in the Hoenn League. Though he decided to challenge the Battle Frontier in the Kanto region.

Season 9: Pokémon: Battle Frontier[10]EditEdit

Ash battles all of the Frontier Brains, although he has a hard time battling the last Frontier Brain, but in the end, he won and collected all the symbols.

Season 10: Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl[11]EditEdit

He has started a new journey again, this time in the Sinnoh region, though this time May and Max isn't coming. But Brock is still traveling with them. Also he met a new traveling companion, Dawn, and a new rival, Paul.

Season 11: Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension[12]EditEdit

In this season, Ash continued battling and earning badges, while Dawn continues to earn contest ribbons, they also see Team Galactic.

Season 12: Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles[13]EditEdit

During this time, they battle against Team Galactic and also free the legendary Pokémon from Team Galactic.

Season 13: Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors[14]EditEdit

Finally Ash is entering the Sinnoh League, this may be the hardest and intense league he ever joined as he has many rivals to compete with and also there is a mysterious trainer who joined with a legendary Pokémon: Darkrai. He battled against most of his rivals except for Barry which battled Paul and lost, so Ash's next match was against Paul, the battle was intense as Paul showed Pokemon that he doesn't normally use and until the fight was only Electivire and Infernape but Ash won with Infernape's ability, Blaze. Though he faced an opponent that was hard to defeat, it is none other than the trainer with a Darkrai: Tobias. He was able to defeat Tobias' Darkrai but got a draw with Tobias' Latios. However, as Ash had no Pokémon left, he was defeated. He reached the top 4 in the Sinnoh League, and many people are amazed because he was the only trainer who battled against Tobias and at least defeated his Darkrai because no one was able to defeat his Darkrai. Then afterwards he heads back home.

Season 14: Pokémon: Black and White[15]EditEdit

Aah started a new journey in the Unova region, but this time Brock and Dawn didn't travel with him. Ash finds new traveling companions: Cilan and Iris and catches new Pokemon. Currently he has won the first 2 badges. As the season continues, he gets a mysterious egg and similar to the Kanto and Johto series, he also gets all of the starter Pokémon in there.


As a Trainer, Ash has captured and befriended a sizable number of Pokémon over the course of the anime. His philosophy on training is that Pokémon are individuals and that a combination of trust, friendship and hard work are needed to overcome adversity. He seems to battle best with Pokémon that are similar to Pikachu: ones that are speedy and maneuverable, yet able to perform high-powered attacks; however, he is willing to work with any Pokémon that comes into his care. Ash's battle style is generally spontaneous, unpredictable, and fairly unorthodox, and his Pokémon often reflect these traits. Ash currently has 6 Pokémon with him since his capture of Sewaddle. Any additional pokemon he catches, will be transferred and looked after by Professor Juniper. Currently his Pidove is the only pokemon with her but likely more will be sent as the series progresses.

On Hand[17]EditEdit

Pokémon Additional Information



Ash recieved Pikachu as a starter Pokémon after the Kantostarters were given out. It started off disobedient to Ash but soon changed its ways after seeing Ash defend it against a flock of Spearow. Since then, Pikachu alone has assisted and been very successful in many of Ash's wins in battle and over time has adopted Ash's mannerisms. Pikachu does not want to be in itsPokéball so it stays out all the time.



Oshawott was one of the starters in Unova who Professor Juniperwas giving away. However, after Ash left, Oshawott started following Ash and even defended him against Team Rocket. Professor Juniper gave Ash the Pokéball for Oshawott which Ash used to obtain Oshawott. Oshawott is very affectionate towards Ash and even tries to knock Pikachu off of Ash's shoulder. It has many powerful attacks including Water Gun and Razor Shell, allowing it to be a prominent member of Ash's team. Similar toBayleef, Oshawott is jealous of Pikachu's bond with Ash and even sometimes pops out of its Pokéball to show its worth.



Ash found Tepig when he was at the Battle Club in Accumula Townwhen he saw it escape from the Battle Club's warehouse. When he found it, he saw its mouth had been tied by its past trainer who left it at the Battle Club after it lost to a Deerling, making it unable to eat and so Ash helped free it and created a bond with it. It has powerful fire attacks such as Ember and is bound to be a prime member of Ash's Unova team, but at the moment it seems to lack confidence in its strength.



Ash found Snivy when he was in a forest heading towards Nacrene City. Snivy is a female Pokémon and knows the move Attract which it used to stop the opponent Pokémon in their tracks. Ash encountered it after it had taken some of Cilan's food. To stop it, Ash decided he needed to capture it It also has powerful grass attacks such as Leaf Blade, Vine Whip and Leaf Storm. In addition to that, it has been shown to be very agile and able to evade attacks expertly. Snivy seems to be stronger, confident, and skilled compared to the other pokemon Ash has caught in Unova. Tripeven said that Snivy was a strong Pokemon, enough to defeat hisServine, Snivy's evolved form.


Egg → Scraggy

After receiving an egg from the Day Care in Route 3, the egg eventually hatched into Scraggy. However, Scraggy is a bit of a violent Pokémon, attacking Ash, Iris & Cilan's other Pokémon at will. Scraggy is a very angry Pokémon, but unfortunately its attacks, such as Headbutt, are not strong. However, despite this, it is continually trying to improve its Headbutt attack.



Sewaddle is a Pokémon Ash caught while he was traveling throughPinwheel Forest as Ash was interested in Sewaddle. Sewadle replaced Ash' Pidove that is with Proffesor Juniper.

With Professor Juniper[24]EditEdit

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Pidove is the first Pokémon that Ash captured within the Unova region as he was looking for some Pokémon to catch there. It did not stand a chance against Jessie's Woobat as it was weakened before prior to the capture. In the episode, BW009, it was confirmed to be female as it was immune to Snivy's Attract. In BW019 it was confirmed that Pidove was sent to Professor Juniper.

With Professor Oak[26]EditEdit

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Bulbasaur was the third Pokémon Ash caught. It had been protecting a village of Pokémon that were recovering from illnesses. Since then it became a vital part of Ash's team and won many gym and league battles for Ash. Bulbasaur has been given the choice to evolve but decided to stay at its base form. Long into his journey with Ash, Bulbasaur was called upon to stop feuds between the Pokémon in Oak's Lab and has continued to do so. It also appears to have a budding romance with May's Bulbasaur.


Krabby → Kingler

It was Ash's seventh Pokemon in Kanto. Evolving in its first ever battle in the Indigo League, Kingler is a good strong Pokémon that Ash has fallen back on in both the Indigo and Johto leagues. However it has not seen much experience outside of those leagues.



Captured after taking over a Power Plant, Muk was immediately sent to Professor Oak's Laboratory. While being there it grew incredibly affectionate and is known to hug Professor Oak on many occasions. However, past this affectionate yet slimy exterior, Muk has been used in several League battles and manages to hold its ground.


Tauros (x30)

When he was in the Safari Zone, Ash managed to capture 30 Tauros, all of which reside at Oak's Laboratory. However Ash has used one of the Tauros on several occasions in Leagues and Frontier battles.



Captured in the Orange Islands when stealing all the fruit from a small Island range, Snorlax has become a major powerhouse of Ash's, when it is awake that is. Due to its massive feeding requirements, Ash felt it better to stay at Professor Oak's, however it is still used for a number of Gym, League & Frontier battles. Also, Snorlax had defeated a Medicham, even at a Fighting disadvantage.



Heracross was the first Pokémon that Ash captured in Johto. It loves tree sap and has been known to suck the pollen out of Bulbasaur's Bulb on several occasions. It is a powerful Pokémon of Ash's and has been used in several Gym, League & Frontier battles.


Chikorita → Bayleef

After evolving from Chikorita, Bayleef kept it's longing feelings for Ash which did end up getting it in trouble on several occasions. However after getting used to its size, it managed to become a vital part of Ash's team and helped win many Gym & League battles. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn.


Cyndaquil → Quilava

While training for the Sinnoh League, Ash brought his Cyndaquil with many of his other Pokémon. However, Team Rocket tried to cause problems and Cyndaquil evolved in order to stop them. Quilava has numerous powerful attacks such as Flame Wheel at its disposal, showing that it has completely overcome its previous hindrances in its base form and is sure to be a powerful Pokémon within Ash's team.



Totodile was captured by Ash using his Lure Ball. Since Misty also wanted it, they decided to battle in order to determine who's it was. Ash won. Totodile has a quirky personality and really likes to dance. It has even been known to use this dancing tactic to help win battles. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn.



Noctowl is an incredibly rare Pokémon of Ash. It is a 'Shiny' Pokémon which glitters as it comes out of its Pokéball into battle. Due to its psychic abilities, it has been used many times to find and battle Ghost Pokémon as well as the usual flying requirements that Ash utilizes. Ash left it at Oak's when he decided to make a fresh start when he left for Hoenn.


Egg → Phanpy → Donphan

After rejoining Ash's team as a Phanpy, it evolved to help free Pikachu from Team Rocket. However even after the evolution it kept its playful personality from being a Phanpy which sometimes can cause mayhem with other younger Pokémon. Ever since it evolved, it has become a powerhouse in Ash's team winning many Frontier Battles. It now resides back in Oak's Lab during Ash's journey to Sinnoh.


Taillow → Swellow

After evolving during a Pokémon Ring Contest, Swellow has partaken in many of Ash's battles in Gyms and Leagues and has got a good amount of wins under its wing. Swellow was left at Oak's Lab when Ash left for his journey to Sinnoh.


Treecko → Grovyle → Sceptile

After evolving from Grovyle to defend it's love interest, it lost all ability to use attacks. Eventually regaining the ability to use the attacks, Sceptile became a vital powerhouse in Ash's team which can hold its own against legendary Pokemon including Deoxys, Regirock, and Darkrai. Despite being Ash's massive powerhouse, Ash decided to leave Sceptile at Oak's Lab while he traveled to Sinnoh.



Corphish was captured while terrorizing Dewford Island and its inhabitants. However once caught Corphish managed to tame it's terrorizing attitude and become a vitally used member of Ash's team. However whenever one of Ash's Pokémon evolves or gets a bit more attention, Corphish does get the tendency to get a bit jealous. After its tenure with Ash through Hoenn and the Battle Frontier, Corphish was left at Oak's Lab.



Torkoal was found under attack by a bunch of Steel Pokémon in the valley. When Ash arrived to rescue it, it ran off but eventually followed Ash's instructions and defeated the Steel Pokémon. It is an emotional Pokémon which has been known to burst into tears when happy. Torkoal hasn't been in many gym battles but is used in standard battles on many occasions and proves it's strength in those battles. After the Hoenn League, Ash decided to give it some time off at Oak's Laboratory.


Snorunt → Glalie

Glalie was newly evolved when Ash entered the Hoenn League. Convinced of its power Ash used it in a number of battles where it managed to hold its own successfully. After the league was over he decided to give it a break at Oak's Laboratory.


Starly → Staravia → Staraptor

Ash's Staraptor evolved from Staravia during a PokéRinger contest against Paul's Honchkrow. As it has evolved, it is likely to become one of the powerhouses of Ash's team and will still likely be used for long-distance searching. With it's bigger size and strength, as soon as it evolved, it learned the move Close Combat, which will be helpful for many close flying battles.


Turtwig → Grotle → Torterra

Torterra is the Grass type Pokémon of Ash's Team. After being used in a gym battle against Volkner, which got postponed, Ash's Grotle evolved during a battle with Team Rocket. With its new size and strengths, it now knows more powerful moves such as Leaf Storm in addition to the moves Energy Ball, Rock Climb & Synthesis. With these attacks at its disposal, it is sure to be a massive tank in Ash's team.


Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape

After being knocked to the brink of fainting in a battle against Barry's Empoleon, Monferno went berserk with its Blaze Ability and unleashed its full power against Team Rocket. While protecting the Pokémon, it evolved into Infernape. Infernape has many powerful attacks at its disposal such as Flame Wheel so it's set to be the powerhouse behind Ash's team. It was later used in a battle against Flint's Infernape, but lost due to its lack of experience.



Originally captured by Dawn, Buizel has always been an incredibly strong Pokémon with an aptitude for Pokémon Battles. After Zoey saw how Ash & Dawn had Pokémon that preferred the other's vocations, a trade followed. Now, Buizel is one of Ash's powerhouses with powerful moves such as Aqua Jet at its disposal. Buizel will likely be called upon often for battles.



Ash first encountered his Gible when he met Old Lady Tatsu, a woman who teaches Dragon Pokémon the special move Draco Meteor. Ash assisted Gible in the learning of the move and Gible decided to follow Ash. It also has the habit of biting on to heads. Later on, Ash noticed Gible followed him and eventually captured it. It has many powerful attacks such as Draco Meteor, Dig and Dragon Pulse and is sure to be a powerhouse of Ash's team.


Pokémon Additional Information


Gligar → Gliscor

During its Gligar stage, Gliscor was a fairly weak Pokémon, not knowing many attacks and thus not being very strong, all due to its age. However, evolving by grabbing a Razor Fang while it was falling, it has gained a lot of strength and confidence. Even after evolving though, it still wishes to battle more and still vies for Ash's approval. With powerful attacks such as Steel Wing and X-Scissor, it is sure to become a vital member of Ash's team. During a battle with the Air Battle Master, it learned Giga Impact but decided to stay for training. But during Sinnoh League it returned back to Ash with powerful moves from its learnings. However, it was not seen after Paul's battle in the Pokémon League so it is unknown whether if it returned to McCann or went to Professor Oak's Laboratory.

In training[50]EditEdit

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Mankey → Primeape

Ash first met Primeape after it, as a Mankey, stole his hat. Determined to get his hat back, Ash chased Primeape and battled with it ending with a capture. Primeape was a Pokémon that went berserk easily and originally didn't follow Ash's commands. However after Ash saved it from a fall in a fighting contest, it gained respect for Ash. After the contest, Ash decided to leave it with a trainer for more training so it could become a P1 Champion.


Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard

After evolving from Charmeleon, Charizard didn't obey any orders that Ash gave and quite often used its flamethrower attack on Ash. However, after getting frozen in battle, Charizard started to respect Ash as Ash nursed it back to health. Since then it has been a vital powerhouse in Ash's team and has been used in several Gym, League and Frontier battles and has even held its own in battles against Entei and Articuno. It currently resides in the Charific Valley where it's doing some training.



When Squirtle was captured it was part of the Squirtle Squad, a terrorizing group of Squirtles that were causing havoc around Vermillion City. However after gaining respect for Ash, it joined his team and has since become an incredibly competent battler. It has won many Gym and League matches but has since returned to the Squirtle Squad to lead after the team started falling apart.


Pokémon Additional Information


Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree

After evolving from Metapod, Butterfree managed to defend Ash from a swarm of Beedrill. From this it managed to gain some power and became a vital part of Ash's team during it's tenure. It eventually left to start a family with a female Pink Butterfree.


Pidgeotto → Pidgeot

After Pidgeoto evolved into Pidgeot, it went into battle against a flock of Spearow and Fearow that were terrorizing Pidgey and Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest. After the battle was done, Ash decided to leave it in the forest to lead the flock, but left with the promise that he would someday return for it.



Lapras was the first Pokémon that Ash captured in the Orange Islands. Originally it was found washed up on a beach but Ash & Co. managed to help nurse it back to health until it was kidnapped by Team Rocket. Ash managed to free it and captured it until they could find Lapras' family. Lapras was primarily used as the gang's transport throughout the Orange Islands but it was also used in several of the Gym battles and the final League match. Ash eventually let it go to be with it's family, but saw it again when in Johto and helped it defend a lab and the other Lapras from Team Rocket.

Traded away[58]EditEdit

Pokémon Additional Information


Ash's Raticate

In Battle Aboard the St. Anne, Ash traded his Butterfree for a Raticate, but later traded it back.



Aipom originally met Ash on a mountain where it worshiped a Giant Slaking, where it stole Ash's hat. However after Ash found Aipom, they quickly befriended. Ash originally was going to give the hat to Aipom but it gave it back. For a short time Aipom followed Ash and turned up at the Grand Festival, again stealing Ash's hat. Near to the finals of the Grand Festival, Ash decided to battle Aipom and finally caught it. Apart from it's battling strengths, Aipom has shown a great aptitude for Contests and as such, was eventually traded to Dawn for her Contests.

Given Away[61]EditEdit

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Ash captured Beedrill while in the Bug Catching Contest just a bit shy from Goldenrod City in Johto. His capture of Beedrill made him win the contest. After the contest he decided to give the Beedrill toCasey as she loves Pokémon with yellow and black stripes, for they resemble an Electabuzz.


Pokémon Additional Information



Ash met Haunter in the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. It, with several other ghost Pokémon played with Ash after he had been trapped under a chandelier. However after Ash returned to his body, Haunter agreed to join Ash's team to battle Sabrina's Psychic Pokémon. Once it got to Saffron City, it disappeared but eventually returned to battle. However it was much more interested in joking about and immobilizing Sabrina's Kadabra and thus Ash decided to leave Haunter with Sabrina.


Egg → Larvitar

While not Ash's per say, Larvitar was in an egg that Ash was given to take to Professor Elm, however in transit of the Egg it hatched into Larvitar. Like any Pokémon just hatched it had the personality of a child, but a tortured child through memories of what happened to its mother. It froze up whenever anyone other than Ash spoke to it or held it, which it eventually managed to get over. Not long after meeting, Ash managed to return it to its mother and stopped the Poachers from ever disturbing them again.


'Kanto League'[67]EditEdit

==[68]Ash's Kanto Badges *Boulder Badge


'Orange Islands'[69]EditEdit

==[70]Ash's Orange Island Badges *Coral-Eye Badge


'Johto League'[71]EditEdit

==[72]Ash's Johto Badges *Zephyr Badge


'Hoenn League'[73]EditEdit

==[74]Ash's Hoenn Badges *Stone Badge


'Sinnoh League'[75]EditEdit

==[76]Ash's Sinnoh Badges *Coal Badge


'Unova League'[77]EditEdit

==*Tri Badge


Battle Frontier[78]EditEdit


==[80]Ash's Frontier Symbols *Knowledge Symbol


'Pokémon League Status'[81]EditEdit

==*Kanto Conference (Indigo League) Loses to Ritchie: Top 16

  • Silver Conference (Johto League) Loses to Harrison: Top 8
  • Ever Grande Conference (Hoenn League) Loses to Tyson: Top 8
  • Suzuran Tournament (Sinnoh League) Loses to Tobias: Top 4


'Pokémon Championship Battles'[82]EditEdit

==*Orange League: Champion



==*Bug-Catching Contest: Champion

  • Extreme Pokémon: Champion
  • Fuchsia Pokémon Race: Champion
  • P1 Grand Prix: Champion
  • Pokémon Balloon Race: Champion
  • Pokémon Contests
    • Terracotta Contest (unofficial): (Winner - Tied with May)
    • Wallace Cup: Top 8
  • Hearthome Tag Battle: Champion-with Paul
  • Pokémon Summer Academy Triathlon: Winner
  • Pokémon Swap Meet Tauros-Battling competition: Champion
  • PokéRinger - Crossgate Town: Champion
  • PokéRinger - Squallville: Champion
  • Rota Tournament: Champion
  • Sumo Conference: Champion
  • Twinleaf Festival Battle Tournament: Champion
  • Sinnoh Pokéthlon Tournament: Runner-Up